Basic Crime Scene Processing Kit

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Basic Crime Scene Kit  Inventory


 Black Powder Jar 2 oz

Black Magnetic Powder Jar 2 oz

Silver or White Powder Jar 2 oz

Fluorescent Powder Jar  2 oz

Black Powder Fiberglass Brush

Silver Powder Fiberglass Brush

Fluorescent Powder Brush

Camel Hair Brush

Magnetic Powder Wand

Black and White Lift Cards (100)

2”  FP Lifting Tape

4”  FP Lifting Tape

1 1/2”  Plastic Tape



Permanent Marker

Ink Pen


“L” Square (Carpenter's Square) or folding scale

6” Scale

Small "L" Scale

12” Ruler

30’ Steel Tape Measure

Hand Magnifier

Blue Led Flashlight

Box of Silicon Casting

Alcohol Wipes

Dust/Mist Disposable Mask

Photo ID Card

Small Jar of Plumbers Putty

Roll of Evidence Sealing Tape

Sterile Swabs (10)

16 inch or larger tool box with lift out tray.


This list does not include other disposables such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like gloves, booties and masks. Nor does it list the evidence packaging materials and dental casting material for tire tracks or shoeprints.