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Daryl W. Clemens, Editor

From the Editor


Hi folks, welcome to fall, and another edition of The Examiner. We have a few things for you this month, including an interesting article about one of the founders of forensic science and his impact on the game of baseball of all things. Dick has an article for us on checklists, and I review a crime scene processing guide.

There's a lot going on for everyone of late I'm sure, but don't forget that ICSIA is still looking for someone to take over as newsletter editor, and for someone to help with membership matters as well. If either of these roles interest you, drop Hayden or I a note.

Got comments/questions or want to submit an article for The Examiner?  e-mail me: Daryl W. Clemens

Director's Letter

Greetings from the Executive Director!

It is September already and we are all busy with life, work and home. Hopefully we are taking the time to appreciate family and friends as at the end of things, they are all we have. Work is work. Many of us who have been at this awhile keep the ugly side of our work in deep place in our mind and seldom if at all ever let that monster out. We do what we do and move on.  I appreciate all that you do for your communities and seeking the truth in every case you work.  THANK YOU!

In a lighter note we are very happy to announce that all of the Scenes of Crime Technicians from Belize have joined ICSIA!  We have 29 new members from Belize!  Welcome!  Your certificates and lapel pins will be given to you in October.

The 2015 ICSIA Conference in New Orleans is coming together and the Conference Chair, Chad Pitfield, is working hard to make it an enjoyable and enlightening CSI Conference!  As the conference comes together we will be posting the information on the web site so please check the web site often!

We have a “White Paper” section of the Members Area of the web site. This section contains “how to” documents and technical papers. Please review the material and if you have something to add please do not hesitate to submit it for approval.  

Thanks for your continued support and looking forward to seeing all of you at the next conference!
Hayden B. Baldwin, Executive Director
International Crime Scene Investigators Association (ICSIA)

ICSIA's 2015 Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana (Jefferson Parish) 
Welcomes the 2015 ICSIA Conference.
May 19th-21st, 2015

More details will be posted on icsia.org as they become available, but make plans now to attend.

The Man behind Regression of the Mean

by Dwane S. Hilderbrand, M.Ed

On occasion I am compelled to appease the wild academic side of me that is caged deep beneath my sole. Sometimes satisfying this itch I find that I embarrass myself more than not. So, since I have your attention I thought I would write a brief article on a subject that has nothing to do with forensic science, but something that I found very interesting about one of our pioneers in the science of fingerprints.  

    As I have travel around the US with my business of training, I have many opportunities to visit baseball ball parks. As some of you readers that know me might know and remember I have a great love for baseball. 

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Review: Crime Scene Investigation- Procedural Guide

by Daryl W. Clemens

This is an unusual book to review. When it first arrived, in soft cover and spiral binding, I thought "Well, what the heck is this about?".  Having read through it now it makes perfect sense. Essentially this book is like the greatest crime scene checklist ever. It runs through the basics of what a scene investigation is about, and what the the steps are, and then proceeds to do the same thing for pretty much every type of crime there is. Section four includes the basic "how-to's" of processing various types of evidence, from latent prints to blood to shooting scenes. These sections are short and more of a refresher for material learned in more detail elsewhere, the section on using fingerprint powder for example occupies about a half a page. This is not a criticism, the book is intended as a field guide, and for that purpose the amount of information provided is more than adequate. In fact it's already pretty thick, so additional material would make it overlarge to transport and basically defeat the purpose for which it is intended.

At the back are a series of Appendices containing a variety of logs and checklists- Scene entry log, note form, photography log, firearms and post blast to name a few examples. These forms can be copied, or they can be downloaded from the publisher and printed out or modified for your personal use.

Dick's article this edition is also on the value of checklists. They can certainly be useful, particularly if crime scene investigation is a part-time assignment. This book serves that purpose well. It would also be very useful for those who are attempting to write departmental policies, as most everything you could want is spelled out in logical order- Initial Response, Crime Scene Management, Notes, Photography, Sketching and right down the line. 

Publishers web site

On the Web- 

By Daryl Clemens

Crime scene technicians to be trained to international standard
Crime Mapping & Analysis News - A Police Foundation Publication
Science at the National Institute of Justice- In a new video, NIJ subject matter experts describe how they solve real world crime problems using science and innovation and describe the impact their work is having on criminal justice.

Greg Ridgeway talks about how NIJ learned which shift length works best for law enforcement. Gerry LaPorte emphasizes that foundational sciences are the key to forensic science. John Picarelli discusses research that found an effective program to reduce the demand for prostitution. Mark Greene explains the impacts of the physical sciences on law enforcement.

Online Training

ICSIA collaborated with the Criminal Justice Institute of the University of Arkansas to produce an online training course: Crime Scene First Responder For The Uniformed Officer

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Crime Scene Checklists: Value in the Report

By Dick Warrington

This article originally appeared in Forensic Magazine®  October/November 2012, Reprinted with Permission.

Over the course of your career as a Crime Scene Officer you’re likely to encounter a wide variety of cases—everything from basic, straightforward scenes that are easily processed to complex major crime scenes that may require multiple days of work and the input of many outside experts. In some cases, scenes can be chaotic, and it can be easy to miss a step. But no matter the situation, it’s your responsibility to process the scene thoroughly, consistently, and professionally. What can you do to be ready for whatever comes your way?

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