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ICSIA Examiner September 2012
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Daryl W. Clemens, Editor


From the Editor

September, cool weather, football, hunting season. My wife's birthday is this month too. I like the first bit of fall, when it's still warm in the sunshine, and my bullet resistant vest is less like the sauna it's been all summer long. I'd like to see our call volume drop, but it hasn't happened yet. Nothing but shootings all weekend long here. I did take yesterday off for the kick-off for ArtPrize, Grand Rapids big art competition. Looking forward to a fun few weeks downtown, and maybe some positive feedback on my own entry :)


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President's Message

Message from Hayden B. Baldwin, Executive Director

It has been a busy time since the last newsletter. We have new members, new members on the Board of Directors and CSI’s who have completed our certification process. We have several new members of ICSIA from across the USA and 5 new members from the British Virgin Islands and a new member from St. Lucia. Welcome new members!

I am happy to announce we have added two new positions to the Board of Directors. The applicants selected are Christine Ramirez from Texas and Dan Desjardins from Arizona. We have posted their photos and bio’s on the web site at http://www.icsia.org/officers.html Welcome Christine and Dan!

Our Caribbean Director, Christopher Anderson, informed us that two officer’s from the Jamaican Constabulary Force have successfully passed their certification tests and are now CFCSI, Certified Forensic Crime Scene Investigators. Congratulations Detective Corporal Lawrence Robinson and Detective Constable Delton Gordon!

(from left to right is Cpl Lawrence Robinson, Caribbean Director Christopher Anderson and Constable Delton Gordon)

We encourage others to review the certification process at http://www.icsia.org/FCSI/Certification/ and apply for certification!

I have submitted to the editor a few photographs on Cross Polarization lighting technique. This is not a new technique but so much easier to do now then it was years ago with film photography. If you have any techniques you want to share please send us the information and we will be happy to review it for the publication in the newsletter!

ICSIA will only grow and be useful to everyone if we have member participation. In the member’s area of the web site are sections for sharing your photographs of your crime scene vehicles, patches and other images. The white paper section is your opportunity to share with others. Please review these sections and submit photographs and articles to share with others.

Finally, pass the word about ICSIA! Our current membership fee is $25.00 for two years and certification is only a $50.00 fee. Both of these are great bargains.

Hayden B. Baldwin, Executive Director
International Crime Scene Investigators Association (ICSIA)

A Sample of Cross Polarization with Linear Lighting

By Hayden Baldwin

The camera is a Nikon D300 with a Nikon 60mm Macro lens. Attached to the lens is a B&W Circular Polarizer filter. The camera was set to auto focus, Program Mode and the images were taken hand held. The light is a 160 White LED Video light covered with a sheet of linear polarizing film.

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On the Web

By Daryl Clemens

Over on my personal site I've recently added an article on Crime Scene Reconstruction by Dr. M. Sharma from India. Read it Here.

There is also an interesting video on Fingerprint Myths over on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/27395849



Product Spotlight-
Mystaire Misonix Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber

Mystaire Misonix’s fully automated, microprocessor controlled, Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber has been
awarded a US Patent (# 6,660,054) for its innovative features and design. Simply place your evidence
inside the chamber, push start and within minutes, obtain quality latent fingerprints. Each unit offers
complete control of the humidity level and fuming time. Extensive safety features are built-in to minimize
the worker’s exposure to dangerous cyanoacrylate fumes.
The patented re-circulating design ensures that hazardous cyanoacrylate fumes are contained and not
exhausted back into the crime lab. A locking mechanism ensures the door cannot be opened during the
fuming cycle.
The CA series of Mystaire Misonix Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers are currently used by various
federal, state and local law enforcement agencies worldwide to develop latent prints with consistent,
reproducible results.
For more information call 1-877-328-3912 or visit www.mystaire.com.

Preparation and Crime Scene Processing

By Dick Warrington

This article originally appeared in Forensic Magazine® December 2009, Reprinted with Permission.
Some of your most important prep work for a crime scene should occur before you ever leave your office. First, remember to keep your crime scene vehicle fully stocked with the equipment and supplies that you’re likely to need no matter the type of crime scene. The more things you can carry to the scene, the better. After all, how likely is it that you’ll go back to the office to get additional supplies or equipment once you’re in the middle of processing the scene?


Cell Phones

By Daryl Clemens
This month rather than looking at an application we have a brief review of a phone- the Samsung Galaxy Note.

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